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Masterclass is my one-on-one coaching programme.

It typically comprises six 2.5hr sessions over six weeks. Each session includes a model and makeup artist. The exact content and locations of the classes depend on your specific goals.

Tailored to your specific challenges

The first step is a consultation (not counted as one of your six sessions) where we establish where you are at now, and where you want to get to. We set specific transformational goals and make a plan of how to achieve them.

Once we have our six week plan, we schedule your sessions and I get to work putting together a programme just for you, to teach you the skills you need, as well as achieving a high level of independence and confidence with those skills.

What can these sessions involve?

Usually they all include some shooting time with a model, with shoots designed by me or by you (depending on our programme), but can also include:

How do I get started or learn more?

Just give me a call or text on 0417 960 680 to set up a meeting. Or if you prefer you can use the form below.

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